As the only GAP think-tank in Japan,
we give GAP guidance and support branding agricultural products in East Asia.

Training for GAP trainer and on-site guidance

•Giving guidance and provide training courses for JGAP that is a de-fact standard for GAP in Japan

• Giving guidance and training of GLOBAL GAP, FDA-GAP and other domestic and foreign GAP.

•Establish a farm for GAP human resource development

• Giving GAP guidance and support second-part audit of raw material production areas of distribution companies and food manufacturers

▸Training for GAP trainer and on -site guidance

Supporting for branding agricultural products

• Supporting to establish quality control system of the production area , as well as branding of agricultural products.

• Providing instructions for a large-scale brand in need of year-round supply route and GI registration based on the geographical indication method enforced in June 2015.

• Support designing of a brand and construction of quality control system of agriculture site.

Supporting Japanese farmers to enter East Asian market

• Support exporting of agricultural products to East Asia and producing overseas local production by Japanese farmers.

• Support promoting international exchange of agricultural technology and establishing trans-border route for year-round supply.

• The offices in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong to assist Japanese farmers to expand business in East Asia.

▸Supporting Japanese farmers to enter East Asia